Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Response To One of the Faceless Mob: In Regards To The Ferguson Riots

Unless you've been under a rock for the last 2 weeks and don't keep up with the news at all, you're well aware of the riots and looting that are occurring in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri.
After the local police shot and killed black teenager Mike Brown, the local population took to the streets to protest. The problem was, many didn't stop with peaceable protest. Many began to burn local businesses, to steal, to assault, to loot, pillage, and generally be a bunch of assholes.
I have refrained upon making a decision on the shooting itself, until every piece of evidence has been put forth into the clear light of day. However, my primary concern has been the law abiding citizens and business owners of Ferguson who, after seeing that no help was coming, were forced to arm themselves to defend their homes and businesses.
One particular image that caught my eye this weekend, was the photo of a store owner (or clerk, it was not clear on what his position at the business was) as seen above, along with his co-workers, or various color and creed, defending their property with various rifles, from the AK to the AR15.

After posting  above images to another one of our media outlets, I received an email from an individual who apparently was trying to connect the business owners with supposed racist tactics  of the local authorities.
Here is the email I received:
"The problem with you gun nuts is the young man was shot for being black, when he had done nothing wrong. What do you value your soul? Its funny how a white guy can kill everyone in a movie theater , all those dead babies, but an unarmed black guy gets shot 50 times. Explain this under your little 2nd Amendment? You nuts should be ashamed. The only reason you got all the guns is so you can kill people of color. Explain yourself please.
xxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxx" 
I had to read the email about 4 times, simply to try to find some correlation between the Mike Brown shooting and gun owners, but  I found the email to be nonsense, complete gibberish, and the rantings of a leftist goon. But I decided to reply, against my better judgement, and so here I present to you, my retort:

"I am not under any obligation to explain anything to anyone, especially not a complete stranger on the internet who sees fit to question my opinions, but for the sake of politeness and proper discourse I will say this:
The 2nd Amendment exists to protect the individual for the collective tyranny of the government, i.e. Federal or even local...or against a blood lusting mob with a burn-it-all mentality. Has the reaction of the Ferguson Police been improper? I could see where the protesters may be correct in that regard,perhaps that is an example of the local tyranny I spoke of, (but I will NOT make a final decision on that until all evidence has been put forth), . But the equally incorrect response of the crowd is the burning and pillaging that seems to be running rampant. Store owners who have done nothing wrong, having their businesses destroyed by individuals who do not care about justice for the young man who was shot,rather, they are there to steal, rob, kill,& loot. Those shop owners are forced to defend themselves and their property, against the mob mentality, because the police have now let them down as well. Do you mean to tell me that the property owners of Ferguson, who have worked hard to build what little they have, are racist and bigoted for trying to stop looters and criminals from destroying it all? There has to be a fail-safe against tyranny, as well as against mob rule.
That, my good man, is why the 2nd amendment is so absolutely important. I'm not here to argue correlation between what happened in that movie theater in Colorado several years ago and this incident in Ferguson Missouri, because there is NONE, in any way, shape, or form. Obviously you are trying to bait me into some sort of morality boxing match, in which you are neither properly trained or equipped. Your supposed talking points are unrelated, and barely relevant. The 2nd amendment is literal, it is absolute, and it is most certainly for the defense of the individual. It exists for the defense of black & white equally, and is not race specific.. If anything, the Second Amendment should be of absolute importance to the black community, for the defense of their right to freedom and equality. So to try to turn the 2nd amendment into some sort of tool of racism is nonsense. Remember this, many of the racist Jim Crow laws were designed to disarm the African American population in direct violation of their basic fundamental rights. Any law abiding citizen who has an open concern for their freedom and liberty regardless of creed or color should arm themselves, and search out the training and ability to use these weapons. For the safety of their nation and the safety of their people . I for one will never relinquish my right to keep and bear arms simply to satisfy the whims of politically correct collectivist apologists. I will carry the standard of individual freedom with me, ALL DAMN DAY.  My suggestion to you sir, is to read your history, REAL history, and for the love of God, for once in your life, use a little bit of common sense. I have found that trying new things is a journey of self discovery. " 

I have yet to receive a reply.  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Break Into A Home, Get Shot. It's Really As Simple As That

80 year old homeowner Tom Greer

The internet has been abuzz the last few days about the case of an 80 year old Long Beach, California man who shot a woman, Andrea Miller,  who, along with a male accomplice, had broken into the man's home.
This was not the first burglary that Mr. Tom Greer had experienced. After suffering a beating at the hands of this pair of thugs, And fearing for his safety, Mr. Greer retrieved his .22 Caliber Smith and Wesson revolver and opened fire as they tried to flee the scene. Before fleeing, the female claimed she was pregnant, (which has not yet been confirmed as fact), but Mr. Greer. Some have claimed that Mr. Greer's actions make him a murderer, having shot her in mid retreat, and due to the fact she claims she was pregnant.

repeat criminals Andrea Miller and Gus Adams

All these claims, I find to be a moot point.
If she and her male accomplice had not made the conscious decision to break into an occupied home of an  elderly man, whom they beat so they could ransack his home, forcing him to open fire on them, she would still be alive today. If she was indeed pregnant, what kind of monster puts her unborn child in that manner of harm's way?
Well, Apparently Miller's male accomplice, Gus Adams, has been charged with her murder, as Bob Owens over at BearingArms.Com  reports.

"I Shot Her Anyway" Fleeing Accomplice Charged With Murder 

"She Best Be Dead" Plausible Self Defense, Or Cold Blooded Murder?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Local CCW Permit Mobile Class Will Come To You

Attention all North Carolina residents looking to obtain your NC CCW Permit,
One of the Randolph Riflman's Union  members and good friends is offering a mobile CCW Class that will come to your location, as long as you have the proper area to complete the shooting portion of the course. 
North Carolina Concealed Carry Class Mobile Training Team: 

Church Groups, Companies, Clubs, or just a group of responsible citizens (10 or more) looking to obtain their North Carolina CCW Permit. We currently have 3 certified instructors available for your training needs.
Classes are low stress, Instructors are friendly and patient. We offer an all-inclusive environment.
Weekday classes are available upon request,
Class Duration: 8 Hrs.
Shooting Area must comply with all state and local regulations.
For more information, contact:
EMAIL vonkanelwerkx@live.com

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gaston County PD Threatens Gun Owner With Confiscation For Supposed Ordinance Violation

We received a report from one of our friends and comrades about an incident he experienced this past weekend with the Gaston County Police Department. (North Carolina) 
Since the complaint is still pending, we will not post his name for his own sake. We felt this should be shared because the facts of this incident are concerning not only in regards to gun rights but property rights in general.
On Sunday June 15, the subject of this incident (who we will refer to here as "John") was sighting in the scope on his rifle behind his home on his own property. He began his session at around 1:00PM approximately.
Taking his time to properly sight in the optic, he continued on into the afternoon until about 3:45PM. At this time he heard shouting , and turned to see a Gaston County PD officer standing at the edge of the wooded property. The officer had his hand at a ready position to draw a weapon, which to be fair is probably standard procedure when responding to a firearms related call.
"John" carefully and cautiously placed the rifle on the ground and in accordance to law, informed the officer that he was a Concealed Carry Permit holder.
The officer seemed to ignore him, either because he didn't care or it was not a concern of his.
The officer was overly aggressive, and told John that a neighbor had called in a report of a lot of gunfire, and there was a county ordinance in Gaston Co. restricting the discharging of a firearm within 500 feet of an occupied dwelling, including one's own.
He informed John that he was not allowed to target shoot on his property and could only do so at a range. John told the officer that he was not aware of the ordinance, but he was beyond 500 feet from his or anyone else's residence. The officer became extremely agitated  and then began questioning why he was shooting and what he was shooting at. John told the officer he was simply trying to zero in the scope on his rifle, which seemed to displease the officer a great deal. 

According to John, at no time did he establish himself as any kind of threat to the officer, if anything John may have been quite submissive to the officer's demands.
This is the most concerning part:
At this point the officer said:
"THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO. You are going to stop shooting right now. And if I have to come back out here, I WILL CHARGE YOU AND I WILL CONFISCATE YOUR FIREARMS."
So let's recap this. A neighbor well out of range of the 500 feet limit calls the "County Police" on John, Officer shows up and tells John he is in violation of an ordinance when in fact, John is well within the limits of the law. Officer gets agitated when John points this out, and then threatens his person and his property with State sponsored aggression to prove his point.
At no time was John rude, obstructive or belligerent with the officer. In fact, John's politeness and calm demeanor seemed to irritate the officer more.
I spoke with John last night and he has this to say:

"The last thing disturbs me more than anything in this encounter .and it should for 

anyone who would hear such a thing. “…I will come back, charge you, and 

confiscate your firearms.” That’s chilling. It also seemed designed to elicit a response

because many firearms owners usually would get angry at hearing that, and they 

should, but that was not the time to do so. Is aggressive and threatening behavior 

standard protocol for Gaston Police? To confiscate firearms because of a little noise,

and an ordinance I wasn't aware existed? Is that the proper response for this 

situation? Are you telling me that a neighbor can complain about a noise, one time, 

and then my property is stolen and my rights taken away? If this is standard 

procedure for Gaston County Police then I need to be aware of it. Gaston County 

citizens need to be aware of it. North Carolina citizens need to be aware of it. There 

was no call for
that officer to behave in this manner whatsoever. This is a disturbing trend in Law Enforcement as of late.

This desire to confiscate the weapons of law abiding citizens. We have seen evidence of this in Connecticut, and New York

State. There is NO place for it here in the Old North State. We will keep you informed of what comes of this incident.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

News and Observer Reporter With Anti-Gun Views May Have Committed Gun Crime, GRNC Says

Another example of hypocrisy from the anti-gun camp as N&O reporter Barry Saunders possibly admits to violating the law with a firearm, while criticizing responsible gun owners  .

The N&O’s Gun-Totin’ Action Hero
In his May 28 News & Observer (N&O) column, anti-gun writer Barry Saunders refers to pro-gun-freedom Facebook commenters as “Hopalong Cassidy wannabes” and “Quick Draw McRib[s].” Yes, ol’ Barry sees all them stoopid, gun-totin’ rednecks as wannabe action heroes with more ammo than sense. Of course, these absurd caricatures that Saunders has floating around his head are exactly that—absurd caricatures. If Barry wants to track down a real gun-totin’ action hero wannabe, he may not have to look very far. In this very same column, Saunders writes of an incident that suggests that he himself may be guilty of a gun crime.

Shootout at the Saunders Corral
Saunders’ misguided column about how scary a soccer mom with a .380 can be does have one very important take-away: 
Anti-gun Barry, who it turns out actually owns a gun, may have confessed to engaging in the dangerous and illegal behavior that he consistently forecasts others will engage in. In his May 28 column, while telling of his own experience finding a burglar in his home, Barry shamelessly admits the following:

“Fortunately for [the burglar], by the time I threw him out, ran back upstairs to get my gun and went looking for him, I saw a Durham cop who took his description and sent my ridiculous self home.”

Yes, you read that right. According to his own words, Saunders first saw the burglar flee his home. Then, instead of locking the door and waiting for the police, he ran upstairs to get his gun, and then went outside to look for the burglar. Had it not been for the police arriving in time to get between Barry and the fleeing man, Barry’s own street may have run red with blood. Whose life or limb would Barry have been defending? 

Barry Saunders’ horrific visions of citizens carrying guns are clear cases of psychological projection. Prophecy of shootouts over fender benders and drive-thru murders over condiment errors are likely the columnist’s own imaginings of how he, in his own undisciplined and sporadic ways, might react to such things. Saunders may not understand that most people do not live in such erratic self-indulgence, and they would never react in such horrific fashion to life’s inconveniences and aggravations. 

According to his own statement, Barry Saunders may indeed react in this sort of irrational and undisciplined manner. True, finding a burglar in one’s home is no small thing (a bit more than an aggravation). However, seeing him flee your home, and then meditatively retrieving a gun in order to go outside and chase him down is not only irrational, it’s likely illegal. Threatening the use of a gun against a person who is not an immediate threat to you is against the law, and if Barry had shot the man before the police arrived to cut the hunt short, neither the “Castle Doctrine,” nor “Stand Your Ground,” laws that Barry almost surely hates, would offer him legal protection.
Saunders Must Go

Is it sensible for the N&O to employ an anti-gun columnist who demands one thing, admits to doing the opposite, and then boasts about his hypocrisy? Like the Carl T. Rowan story, are we seeing another case where an “elite” few see themselves as above the law, while impugning the character of the rest of us? Enough is enough. Confessed hypocrite and, according to his own words, possible gun-criminal, Barry Saunders, should not be the anti-gun voice of the N&O

Below, find out how you can get in touch with the N&O, and tell them that you’ve taken all of the insults you can stand from Barry Saunders. Tell them you don’t appreciate being preached to about guns by self-professed gun-toting man-hunter, Barry Saunders. Insist that N&O management show Barry Saunders the door (but you might advise them to stay behind cover when they do it).

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Durham NC's Racist Jim Crow Gun Registry Persists To This Day

Here in the Tarheel State, we have no such thing as a state wide gun registry, and as long as we stay vigilant and fight tooth and nail, we never will. But what many of you may not realize is that Durham County NC does in fact have a gun registry, and as Grassroots North Carolina reports, it's been in place  since the dark days of the Jim Crow laws, as a way to selectively enforce gun control on the African American population. Today, it has been utilized by the anti-gun elites as a tool of control over the populace.
From Grassroots NC:

"Most North Carolinians know that this state doesn't have a gun registry. What many North Carolinians don't know is that Durham County does have a gun registry; a throwback to racist Jim Crow laws that once plagued our great state.
In 1935 the State Legislature bowed to pressure from local officials and granted Durham County an exception to its rule against gun registries in the state. Durham County's gun registry was another way for the county sheriff to capriciously and discriminately criminalize certain law-abiding citizens.
This law is so recklessly worded that you could be charged with a misdemeanor offense for passing through Durham County with an unregistered firearm! Of course, back in the day this was selectively enforced; we'll leave it to you to imagine how.
This racist law persists to this day, and responsible law-abiding gun owners in Durham County are still required to go to the courthouse and surrender information about their lawfully-owned firearms—firearms that are nobody else's business, and firearms that the other ninety-nine counties in North Carolina have no need to know about.
North Carolina Senate Bill 226 was introduced by North Carolina Senator Mike Woodard in 2013 to repeal Durham's racist gun registry and bring it into the 21st century. Grassroots North Carolina would like to thank Rules Chair Rep. Tim Moore and Rep. Thom Tillis for agreeing to move this bill through the house in this summer's short session, to help ensure that Durham County's law-abiding citizens don't continue to be treated like criminals.
We're asking you to contact Representatives Moore and Tillis to thank them for agreeing to move swiftly on Senate Bill 226."   
This kind of nonsense reveals the racist, elitist history of the anti-gunner and the leftists. 
It's time such laws were stricken from the books,

(Quite frankly, I'm surprised to see Thom Tillis actually supporting the removal of the registry, considering some of the things that have come to light about him in recent weeks.-----Ed. )

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NC Eatery Posts "NO GUNS" Signs, Then Gets Robbed. Customers Choke On The Irony


Durham NC, is a cesspool of Leftist Anti-Gun ideology. so this sort of thing shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Yet when something like this occurs it makes us all take notice.
The website "Guns N' Freedom" , reported that Sunday night at "The Pit Authentic Barbecue",
3 suspects entered the establishment through a back entrance and while brandishing handguns, forced the staff onto the floor while robbing the joint.
Strangely enough the criminals completely ignored the "No Guns"/ "No Concealed Handguns" sign on the door. Why would they do such a thing? Criminals, breaking the law....what's the world coming to.
Some of you might recall that "The Pit" is the same NC restaurant to hosted Gabby Giffords' anti-gun shindig last year, while on her tour of the US pushing disarmament.
Read more about this at the NC Gun Blog and Guns N' Freedom  .