Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NC Update: The Greensboro News and Record Politicizes Murder-Suicide

The John Locke Foundation, which is at the forefront of defending freedom here in North Carolina, responds to the Greensboro News and Record's sensationalist hit piece  about the double murder-suicide in Browns Summit.
Nothing is more pathetic than a so-called "media outlet" that uses a tragedy to push an agenda.


Asheboro Update: "No Weapons" Signs At Habitat ReStore

Attention all Randolph County Riflemen, Patriots and Gun Owners.
The Habitat ReStore in Asheboro has "NO WEAPONS" signs posts on their premises.
We here at the Rifleman's Union are not telling you not to do business with them. We are simply informing you of a place of business that is marked with No Weapons signs.
What you decide to do is up to you.

Anti-Gun CA Senator LeLand Yee Arrested On Arms Trafficking and Public Corruption Charges

Oh my, the hypocrisy of the elected tyrants.
Once again, out in California, where the moonbats seem to have a monopoly on power, we see yet another case of "Do as I say, and Not as I Do."
Senator Leland Yee has been arrested on public corruption, conspiring to commit wire fraud, and the trafficking of firearms. Yee along with 25 other individuals, including Keith Jackson, a former School Board president, were all indicted on charges in connection with the Wo Hop To crime syndicate and  Raymond Chow, a well to do crime boss in Chinatown.
According to the indictment, Yee and his accomplice Jackson, defrauded citizens of services, and were involved in the traffic of firearms that were distributed to criminal elements, in exchange for campaign funds for Senator Yee.  All this is ironic considering the Senator has been one of California's most vocal supporters of zero-tolerance gun control, and played no small part in the institution  of the CA's gun control agenda.
The indictment goes on to say that Mr. Jackson told an undercover agent that the Senator had a major arms trafficking contact and for a " generous" donation, said weapons could be procured with ease.
Yee made headlines in 2013 when he had his life threatened over his anti-gun politics.  Shortly after the incident, Yee told his supporters that it would not deter his push for gun bans and stronger more extensive gun control.
Do you see what we are facing America? They don't believe in public safety, obviously, since the
"good Senator" seems perfectly happy to arm crime syndicates and street gangs with the very weapons he wishes to take away from law abiding citizens.  They want money, and they want power.  Time to put the tyrants on notice.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Anti-Gun Rhode Island Senator to Gun Rights Activist: "Go F**k Yourself."

Well, the title is pretty much self explanatory.
The arrogance of the Left is astounding. When once they hid behind the guise of liberal "kindness" and "tolerance", now they have removed their masks and shown their true selves.
Rhode Island Senator Josh Miller is catching all kinds of hell from gun rights activists and the conservative media for his remark to a gun rights supporter at a state legislature gun control event .
 Activist Dan Bidondi makes a simple and true statement, "The 2nd Amendment shall not be infringed. You people need to understand that."
Sen. Miller, with smirk on his face, responded. "Go f**k yourself."
Another individual who is standing beside Sen. Miller then leans in and repeats the phrase, proving that classiness is not completely monopolized by the "good" Senator.
On Tuesday, Miller issued a faux apology, stating that his words were a human and guttural reaction to activist Dan Bidondi's statement.
Well, Senator Miller...the human and guttural response from Patriots and defenders of the 2nd Amendment when encountering treasonous dogs like you is to run you out of town on a rail.
And honestly, that's getting off light in my opinion.
Keep smirking, and grinning.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Anti-Gun Activists Think You Are a "Parasite" For Owning Guns: Shades of Nazi Germany

From our Patriot brothers in Pennsylvania:
Tyrants disguised as soccer moms and Sunday School teachers continue their march over your fundamental rights.
Up in Buckingham, Pennsylvania, a township near Philadelpia, a gun control rally was being held by a local church. A gun rights supporter was passing out pro gun literature near the rally when a woman, identified as an organizer for CeaseFirePA verbally accosted him, calling him a "parasite" and threatened to crash pro-gun rights rallies in the area.
The woman went on to threaten the man, saying she was calling the police on him even though he was not breaking any law.
It has been reported that off-camera, the woman told the man that the police were watching him, ready to take him out at any moment. (Video of the altercation can be viewed below in either the video player or the youtube link at the end of the article)
We here at the Union find it ironic that a group of leftist, anti-gun, supposedly anti-violence, protesters don't seem to have any issue with the application of State controlled violence as long as it's used against those who they deem to be their enemies.
Examiner reporter Joe Newby mentioned in his article regarding the incident that a well known Nazi named Julius Streicher once referred to the Jews as parasites.
Streicher said "A parasite, an enemy, an evil-doer, a disseminator of diseases who must be destroyed in the interest of mankind."  

This is the hatred and contempt that many on the anti-gun side have for us. They are not interested in debating the issues. They don't really care about "reaching across the aisle" for the greater good.
Never buy in to their lies, when they say they don't want to confiscate. From what we've seen in Connecticut, New York, California, etc. we know this to be a lie.
Hatred defies logic, and overshadows common sense. The folks from CeaseFirePA prove this quite handily.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughts On the Past Week's Events

Patriots of Randolph County and elsewhere,
It has certainly been an interesting week in regards to gun rights and the 2nd Amendment,
We've witnessed tyranny in full swing out in California with the ATF raids against Ares Armor.
Things continue to heat up in the Northeast with Connecticut still pushing for registration and forceful confiscation, with Maryland looking into doing the same thing. Rhode Island is showing signs of growing tyranny as their legislature prepares to unleash a slew on draconian gun measures.
New York State legislators were put on notice this week when gun rights activists burned their firearm registration cards in defiance of the state's SAFE Act.
Locally, gun rights supporters are reorganizing to push County Commissioners to pass a 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, which would nullify Federal gun law within the county.
All over the US, law abiding citizens are pushing back.
They aren't advocating violence, they simply want to have their 2nd Amendment rights as well as property rights respected by those who they have elected. They want  the authorities who are sworn to defend the Constitution to be held accountable for their actions.
Gun owner certainly do not want  a fight on their hands, but if it means fight or be pressed into subservience, they will choose the way of our Founding Fathers and resist.
It's in our blood. It's who we are.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Local Patriots Plan to Resurrect 2nd Amendment Protection Act At Commissioner Meeting in May

About one year ago, concerned Randolph County gun owners approached the County Commissioners about passing a 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance, or 2nd Amendment Protection Act in response to the wave of anti-gun legislation that was and still is sweeping the US.
What the Preservation Act boils down to, in essence, is this:
It would prevent any Federal agency from enforcing Federal gun control law or regulation within the boundaries of the county of Randolph or the cities and townships therein. It would also prevent all local law enforcement agencies from assisting any Federal agent or agencies in any form of confiscation of law abiding citizens' firearms within the county.The act is basically a nullification act, which renders unconstitutional laws, null and void and unenforceable.
Concerned local gun owners began gathering in front of  the Old Court House just before each Commissioner's monthly meetings, which fall on the first Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted. With each meeting that passed, the number of Randolph gun owners grew, and more voices were heard at the meetings. But like most career politicians, they ignored the request of the citizenry, and it faded from the spotlight, but was never forgotten by the organizers.( Note: Commissioner Haywood did state that he felt the Ordinance was worth considering, and went on to reference the over encroachment of the law makers in DC)
We spoke with Libertarian candidate for Commissioner Jeremy Hussey today who stated Libertarian Party of Randolph County will revive the push for a resolution at the May commissioners meeting.
Mr. Hussey went on to say in regards to his campaign for Commissioner:

"If elected County Commissioner I will ensure that this item never dies and it will plague 

the Commissioners until they pass it."

The idea of local municipalities passing such ordinances does have its detractors, some who claim that any such ordinance carries no weight against will of the Federal government.
Supporters say that while it might be seen as "for show" only, the establishment  of such an ordinance would clarify the local officials' views on the 2nd Amendment, defense rights, as well as property rights.
Which might explain why they ignored the idea the first time.
We have seen in recent weeks what happens when out of control governments decide to assault the rights of the people. From the threat of confiscation in Connecticut and New York, to the ATF's illegal raids of Ares Armor in California, unchecked State goons are gunning for you, the Patriots of the Republic.
Here at the Rifleman's Union, we realize that no law, no ordinance, no regulation, can stop tyrants from attempting to crush liberty. But in turn we also realize, that no law, no ordinance or regulation can stop truly free men and women from exercising their natural right to keep and bear arms, the inherent nature of self defense, and the fundamental right to private property. We endorse the Libertarian Party's push for the Ordinance, if for no other reason than to see which side of the line our local officials truly stand.
So, come May, the ball is in your court, Randolph Commissioners. Do you stand with Liberty, or are you just taking up space on the other side of the line?


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Resistance Continues To Grow, NY Residents Burn Registration Cards

As tensions grow across these United States as out of control governments move to regulate, register and out right disarm the law abiding populace, the Patriots are resisting.
Today in Saratoga Springs, NY nearly 1,000 gun registration forms were burned in a unified act of defiance against the state's draconian gun laws.
New York gun owners in possession of semi-automatic weapons that the NY legislature had deemed "assault weapons" were given a deadline to register said weapons with the state police under the SAFE Act.
The act of civil disobedience was organized by the NY2A Grassroots Coalition, a firearms advocacy group based in the Empire State. The organizers hope that so many people will refuse to register their weapons, that the entire program will collapse under the weight of its own impotency.
Jake Palmateer who is co-founder of the NY2A group stated that he believed that less than 3,000 now-banned and regulated weapons have been registered with the NY State Police since the SAFE Act went into effect. That is a mere fraction of the several hundred thousand semi-autos that are estimated to exist in New York currently, although the true number may actually be exponentially greater.
Make no mistake, this is just the beginning of the resistance. As New York Staters take a page from the Connecticut Patriots and downright refuse to abide by unconstitutional laws, the Tyrants in power will look for other options to disarm the people. We must stay vigilant, we must hold the officials accountable for their actions. Do not capitulate, do not compromise. Do not register, do not surrender your weapons. Regardless of what they would like for you to believe, we are in fact winning the war.

UPDATE: ATF Cracking In To Safe At Ares Armor

The Ares Armor/ ATF situation continues to unfold.
Yesterday we shared with you video of the ATF inside of their National City CA location confiscating files and material from the store. Today we have video of the ATF's safe crackers breaking into the store's safe.
Thanks to intrepid patriots with video recording ability for bringing this info to us.
Tyranny will now be televised.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Attention Patriots of Randolph County and elsewhere,
if you're on Facebook, go to our page and "like" us, as well as add us to your list of pages that you follow.

Also be sure to check out our companion page, Patriot Gun and Gear:

We will be adding a Google+ page as well, and we will post the link to that ASAP.
Join the fight, brothers and sisters!
Time to hold the line!

BREAKING NEWS: ATF Executes Search Warrants on Ares Armor

Ares Armor logo
In spite of a court injunction, the ATF has raided all the locations of Ares Armor, located in California.
As we told you a few days ago, Ares Armor has been in the news lately due to the town of National City demanding they remove their front sign, even though it violated no ordinances.
Then a few days ago, the ATF showed up demanding they turn over all information that they had on customers who had purchased their 80% lower receivers, which are a popular and currently legal component for AR-15 builders here in the US.
This is a violation of the law, and it is a violation of the owner's property rights.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the future of America. It will not stop with just the folks at Ares Armor.
From the battle lines being drawn in the state of Connecticut with police salivating at the thought of kicking in the doors of gun owners, to the heavy handed tactics of the ATF thugs, we riflemen have a uphill battle of principles on our hands.
The Gestapo aren't coming,they are already here.

A individual has posted footage to Youtube of the ATF agents inside their National City, CA location.
We will post updates as we get them here on the blog as well as our Facebook page.

UPDATE: 2:57PM 3/16/2014

The ATF breaking into Ares Armor's safe.
Get the video here:

Friday, March 14, 2014

NC Gun Shop Owner Stops Would-Be Burglars

Out in Elizabeth City, which is located in the eastern most part of our state in Pasquotank County,
4 individuals have been arrested in connection to a failed burglary attempt at Bull Shooter's Supply.
The burglars attempted to break in around 7AM on the morning of March 10th, but were unaware that the shop's owner, Dave Pritchard, lives right next door to his shop. One of Pritchard's neighbors heard a commotion and called Mr. Pritchard as well as 911.

Pritchard responded with a shotgun, confronting the suspects and ordering them to halt. When they fired at him with their own weapon, Pritchard returned fire causing the suspects to flee in their vehicle.
Luckily, authorities picked them up about 20 minutes later.
Jonathan Davie, Yanine Deaza, Damien Perry, and Deon Pryor are being held in jail under bonds ranging from $20,000 up to $100,000. All of them are being charged with conspiracy to attempt to break into a building. All of them, but Deaza, are being charged with Assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.
These punks are lucky that Pritchard didn't ventilate the whole gang of them.
What a shame that would have been.
As crime continues to run amok, it is the duty of all of us to arm ourselves and defend what is ours.
Remember: when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

UPDATE: Court restrains ATF from seizing Ares Armor inventory and customer record

Looks like a court in California has, for now, blocked the ATF from confiscating information on customer from Ares Armor.
From David Codrea's article:
"The United States District Court, Southern California District granted a temporary restraining order Tuesday against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives to stay a planned raid on an Oceanside gun parts supplier and seizing its inventory and customer records. The planned action was due to the company providing the public with heretofore legal so-called “80 percent lower receivers,” unfinished gun parts that must be further processed by the purchasers in order to result in a legally-defined “firearm.”

You can read more of this article as well as additional info about this developing situation at the link below.

Ares Armor Owner Resists ATF Intrusion

Randolph County gun owners,
We have been quite lucky to live in a state where most measures of gun control have floundered in committee. 
But not everyone is so lucky, like the folks in California. 
As most of you know, the law abiding gun owners of California have been hit hard with ridiculous gun regulation that does nothing to make the people safer, but is solely designed to disarm.
Now the folks out there are being harassed by the authorities.
A couple of weeks ago, the story broke about the harassment by authorities of National City against Ares Armor, a gun shop and tactical gear supplier. The harassment was in regards to their business sign, which was not in violation of any code, but the city wanted it removed because it had the image of an AR-15 on it.
Ares Armor has been fighting it, but the appeals are costly.
Now, we hear that the ATF has been harassing them, demanding they turn over all information about customers who had purchased their 80% lowers, which are perfectly legal components for the custom build of AR-15s. If the company refuse dot do so, the ATF threatened to shut them down. The company's owner has filed a temporary restraining order to keep them from confiscating their property, but this is only a short term reprieve.
Remember, just because it's in California doesn't mean it doesn't effect you.

FOX 5 San Diego's story:

Randolph County 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance

Last spring several gun owners and concerned patriots petitioned the Randolph County Commissioners to pass a 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance for the county. They pleaded with the board to consider the issues that gun owners face today as many states and municipalities pass unconstitutional laws that lead to registration and eventually confiscation (see the Connecticut situation). The County Commissioners ignored them and effectively dismissed their concerns as trivial. 
Maybe it's time we shake the chains again.
More to come about this at a later date. We will be gathering support from some other local organizations as well.