Monday, March 24, 2014

Anti-Gun Activists Think You Are a "Parasite" For Owning Guns: Shades of Nazi Germany

From our Patriot brothers in Pennsylvania:
Tyrants disguised as soccer moms and Sunday School teachers continue their march over your fundamental rights.
Up in Buckingham, Pennsylvania, a township near Philadelpia, a gun control rally was being held by a local church. A gun rights supporter was passing out pro gun literature near the rally when a woman, identified as an organizer for CeaseFirePA verbally accosted him, calling him a "parasite" and threatened to crash pro-gun rights rallies in the area.
The woman went on to threaten the man, saying she was calling the police on him even though he was not breaking any law.
It has been reported that off-camera, the woman told the man that the police were watching him, ready to take him out at any moment. (Video of the altercation can be viewed below in either the video player or the youtube link at the end of the article)
We here at the Union find it ironic that a group of leftist, anti-gun, supposedly anti-violence, protesters don't seem to have any issue with the application of State controlled violence as long as it's used against those who they deem to be their enemies.
Examiner reporter Joe Newby mentioned in his article regarding the incident that a well known Nazi named Julius Streicher once referred to the Jews as parasites.
Streicher said "A parasite, an enemy, an evil-doer, a disseminator of diseases who must be destroyed in the interest of mankind."  

This is the hatred and contempt that many on the anti-gun side have for us. They are not interested in debating the issues. They don't really care about "reaching across the aisle" for the greater good.
Never buy in to their lies, when they say they don't want to confiscate. From what we've seen in Connecticut, New York, California, etc. we know this to be a lie.
Hatred defies logic, and overshadows common sense. The folks from CeaseFirePA prove this quite handily.


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