Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Anti-Gun CA Senator LeLand Yee Arrested On Arms Trafficking and Public Corruption Charges

Oh my, the hypocrisy of the elected tyrants.
Once again, out in California, where the moonbats seem to have a monopoly on power, we see yet another case of "Do as I say, and Not as I Do."
Senator Leland Yee has been arrested on public corruption, conspiring to commit wire fraud, and the trafficking of firearms. Yee along with 25 other individuals, including Keith Jackson, a former School Board president, were all indicted on charges in connection with the Wo Hop To crime syndicate and  Raymond Chow, a well to do crime boss in Chinatown.
According to the indictment, Yee and his accomplice Jackson, defrauded citizens of services, and were involved in the traffic of firearms that were distributed to criminal elements, in exchange for campaign funds for Senator Yee.  All this is ironic considering the Senator has been one of California's most vocal supporters of zero-tolerance gun control, and played no small part in the institution  of the CA's gun control agenda.
The indictment goes on to say that Mr. Jackson told an undercover agent that the Senator had a major arms trafficking contact and for a " generous" donation, said weapons could be procured with ease.
Yee made headlines in 2013 when he had his life threatened over his anti-gun politics.  Shortly after the incident, Yee told his supporters that it would not deter his push for gun bans and stronger more extensive gun control.
Do you see what we are facing America? They don't believe in public safety, obviously, since the
"good Senator" seems perfectly happy to arm crime syndicates and street gangs with the very weapons he wishes to take away from law abiding citizens.  They want money, and they want power.  Time to put the tyrants on notice.

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