Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Local Patriots Plan to Resurrect 2nd Amendment Protection Act At Commissioner Meeting in May

About one year ago, concerned Randolph County gun owners approached the County Commissioners about passing a 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance, or 2nd Amendment Protection Act in response to the wave of anti-gun legislation that was and still is sweeping the US.
What the Preservation Act boils down to, in essence, is this:
It would prevent any Federal agency from enforcing Federal gun control law or regulation within the boundaries of the county of Randolph or the cities and townships therein. It would also prevent all local law enforcement agencies from assisting any Federal agent or agencies in any form of confiscation of law abiding citizens' firearms within the county.The act is basically a nullification act, which renders unconstitutional laws, null and void and unenforceable.
Concerned local gun owners began gathering in front of  the Old Court House just before each Commissioner's monthly meetings, which fall on the first Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted. With each meeting that passed, the number of Randolph gun owners grew, and more voices were heard at the meetings. But like most career politicians, they ignored the request of the citizenry, and it faded from the spotlight, but was never forgotten by the organizers.( Note: Commissioner Haywood did state that he felt the Ordinance was worth considering, and went on to reference the over encroachment of the law makers in DC)
We spoke with Libertarian candidate for Commissioner Jeremy Hussey today who stated Libertarian Party of Randolph County will revive the push for a resolution at the May commissioners meeting.
Mr. Hussey went on to say in regards to his campaign for Commissioner:

"If elected County Commissioner I will ensure that this item never dies and it will plague 

the Commissioners until they pass it."

The idea of local municipalities passing such ordinances does have its detractors, some who claim that any such ordinance carries no weight against will of the Federal government.
Supporters say that while it might be seen as "for show" only, the establishment  of such an ordinance would clarify the local officials' views on the 2nd Amendment, defense rights, as well as property rights.
Which might explain why they ignored the idea the first time.
We have seen in recent weeks what happens when out of control governments decide to assault the rights of the people. From the threat of confiscation in Connecticut and New York, to the ATF's illegal raids of Ares Armor in California, unchecked State goons are gunning for you, the Patriots of the Republic.
Here at the Rifleman's Union, we realize that no law, no ordinance, no regulation, can stop tyrants from attempting to crush liberty. But in turn we also realize, that no law, no ordinance or regulation can stop truly free men and women from exercising their natural right to keep and bear arms, the inherent nature of self defense, and the fundamental right to private property. We endorse the Libertarian Party's push for the Ordinance, if for no other reason than to see which side of the line our local officials truly stand.
So, come May, the ball is in your court, Randolph Commissioners. Do you stand with Liberty, or are you just taking up space on the other side of the line?


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