Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughts On the Past Week's Events

Patriots of Randolph County and elsewhere,
It has certainly been an interesting week in regards to gun rights and the 2nd Amendment,
We've witnessed tyranny in full swing out in California with the ATF raids against Ares Armor.
Things continue to heat up in the Northeast with Connecticut still pushing for registration and forceful confiscation, with Maryland looking into doing the same thing. Rhode Island is showing signs of growing tyranny as their legislature prepares to unleash a slew on draconian gun measures.
New York State legislators were put on notice this week when gun rights activists burned their firearm registration cards in defiance of the state's SAFE Act.
Locally, gun rights supporters are reorganizing to push County Commissioners to pass a 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, which would nullify Federal gun law within the county.
All over the US, law abiding citizens are pushing back.
They aren't advocating violence, they simply want to have their 2nd Amendment rights as well as property rights respected by those who they have elected. They want  the authorities who are sworn to defend the Constitution to be held accountable for their actions.
Gun owner certainly do not want  a fight on their hands, but if it means fight or be pressed into subservience, they will choose the way of our Founding Fathers and resist.
It's in our blood. It's who we are.

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