Thursday, May 22, 2014

Durham NC's Racist Jim Crow Gun Registry Persists To This Day

Here in the Tarheel State, we have no such thing as a state wide gun registry, and as long as we stay vigilant and fight tooth and nail, we never will. But what many of you may not realize is that Durham County NC does in fact have a gun registry, and as Grassroots North Carolina reports, it's been in place  since the dark days of the Jim Crow laws, as a way to selectively enforce gun control on the African American population. Today, it has been utilized by the anti-gun elites as a tool of control over the populace.
From Grassroots NC:

"Most North Carolinians know that this state doesn't have a gun registry. What many North Carolinians don't know is that Durham County does have a gun registry; a throwback to racist Jim Crow laws that once plagued our great state.
In 1935 the State Legislature bowed to pressure from local officials and granted Durham County an exception to its rule against gun registries in the state. Durham County's gun registry was another way for the county sheriff to capriciously and discriminately criminalize certain law-abiding citizens.
This law is so recklessly worded that you could be charged with a misdemeanor offense for passing through Durham County with an unregistered firearm! Of course, back in the day this was selectively enforced; we'll leave it to you to imagine how.
This racist law persists to this day, and responsible law-abiding gun owners in Durham County are still required to go to the courthouse and surrender information about their lawfully-owned firearms—firearms that are nobody else's business, and firearms that the other ninety-nine counties in North Carolina have no need to know about.
North Carolina Senate Bill 226 was introduced by North Carolina Senator Mike Woodard in 2013 to repeal Durham's racist gun registry and bring it into the 21st century. Grassroots North Carolina would like to thank Rules Chair Rep. Tim Moore and Rep. Thom Tillis for agreeing to move this bill through the house in this summer's short session, to help ensure that Durham County's law-abiding citizens don't continue to be treated like criminals.
We're asking you to contact Representatives Moore and Tillis to thank them for agreeing to move swiftly on Senate Bill 226."   
This kind of nonsense reveals the racist, elitist history of the anti-gunner and the leftists. 
It's time such laws were stricken from the books,

(Quite frankly, I'm surprised to see Thom Tillis actually supporting the removal of the registry, considering some of the things that have come to light about him in recent weeks.-----Ed. )

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  1. I to am surprised. Tillis will need to do a lot more to impress me.