Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Got Gun Related Vehicle Decals? Thieves May Be Targeting You

If you are like so many other gun owners out there, you are loud and proud of your 2nd Amendment rights and the fact that you exercise them. But with a recent trend here in North Carolina, you might want to consider being a bit more off the grid about advertising your weapons. 
A few weeks ago in Charlotte NC, the Metro Police's University Division  arrested a group of individuals who are suspected of breaking into vehicles specifically in search of firearms. 
They looked for vehicles with firearm related decals, which were more likely to have a weapon stored inside. 
There are reports of thieves with similar methods of operation, lurking around gun shops and ranges, knowing there will be plenty of targets for thievery .  CMPD says that criminals are also targeting vehicles parked in places where concealed carry is not allowed.
The CCP holder leaves his gun in the vehicle, usually sticking it under the seat. In a matter of a few moments, a thief identifies their vehicle, and breaks in. Goodbye to your sidearm.
I am as bad as the next guy, I enjoy the swag that a lot of gun companies send with their product.
But maybe the decals are better suited for your rifle case, tool box, or cabinet.
In these crazy days, we can't afford to lose our weapons to a thieving crack head.
We have to start thinking like the "gray man".
Blend in. You don't have to flaunt it, to know you got it.

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  1. Yet another reason these "gun free zones" irritate me.
    You're better off taking it with you, think about it.