Sunday, July 27, 2014

Break Into A Home, Get Shot. It's Really As Simple As That

80 year old homeowner Tom Greer

The internet has been abuzz the last few days about the case of an 80 year old Long Beach, California man who shot a woman, Andrea Miller,  who, along with a male accomplice, had broken into the man's home.
This was not the first burglary that Mr. Tom Greer had experienced. After suffering a beating at the hands of this pair of thugs, And fearing for his safety, Mr. Greer retrieved his .22 Caliber Smith and Wesson revolver and opened fire as they tried to flee the scene. Before fleeing, the female claimed she was pregnant, (which has not yet been confirmed as fact), but Mr. Greer. Some have claimed that Mr. Greer's actions make him a murderer, having shot her in mid retreat, and due to the fact she claims she was pregnant.

repeat criminals Andrea Miller and Gus Adams

All these claims, I find to be a moot point.
If she and her male accomplice had not made the conscious decision to break into an occupied home of an  elderly man, whom they beat so they could ransack his home, forcing him to open fire on them, she would still be alive today. If she was indeed pregnant, what kind of monster puts her unborn child in that manner of harm's way?
Well, Apparently Miller's male accomplice, Gus Adams, has been charged with her murder, as Bob Owens over at BearingArms.Com  reports.

"I Shot Her Anyway" Fleeing Accomplice Charged With Murder

"She Best Be Dead" Plausible Self Defense, Or Cold Blooded Murder?

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