Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Response To One of the Faceless Mob: In Regards To The Ferguson Riots

Unless you've been under a rock for the last 2 weeks and don't keep up with the news at all, you're well aware of the riots and looting that are occurring in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri.
After the local police shot and killed black teenager Mike Brown, the local population took to the streets to protest. The problem was, many didn't stop with peaceable protest. Many began to burn local businesses, to steal, to assault, to loot, pillage, and generally be a bunch of assholes.
I have refrained upon making a decision on the shooting itself, until every piece of evidence has been put forth into the clear light of day. However, my primary concern has been the law abiding citizens and business owners of Ferguson who, after seeing that no help was coming, were forced to arm themselves to defend their homes and businesses.
One particular image that caught my eye this weekend, was the photo of a store owner (or clerk, it was not clear on what his position at the business was) as seen above, along with his co-workers, or various color and creed, defending their property with various rifles, from the AK to the AR15.

After posting  above images to another one of our media outlets, I received an email from an individual who apparently was trying to connect the business owners with supposed racist tactics  of the local authorities.
Here is the email I received:
"The problem with you gun nuts is the young man was shot for being black, when he had done nothing wrong. What do you value your soul? Its funny how a white guy can kill everyone in a movie theater , all those dead babies, but an unarmed black guy gets shot 50 times. Explain this under your little 2nd Amendment? You nuts should be ashamed. The only reason you got all the guns is so you can kill people of color. Explain yourself please.
xxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxx" 
I had to read the email about 4 times, simply to try to find some correlation between the Mike Brown shooting and gun owners, but  I found the email to be nonsense, complete gibberish, and the rantings of a leftist goon. But I decided to reply, against my better judgement, and so here I present to you, my retort:

"I am not under any obligation to explain anything to anyone, especially not a complete stranger on the internet who sees fit to question my opinions, but for the sake of politeness and proper discourse I will say this:
The 2nd Amendment exists to protect the individual for the collective tyranny of the government, i.e. Federal or even local...or against a blood lusting mob with a burn-it-all mentality. Has the reaction of the Ferguson Police been improper? I could see where the protesters may be correct in that regard,perhaps that is an example of the local tyranny I spoke of, (but I will NOT make a final decision on that until all evidence has been put forth), . But the equally incorrect response of the crowd is the burning and pillaging that seems to be running rampant. Store owners who have done nothing wrong, having their businesses destroyed by individuals who do not care about justice for the young man who was shot,rather, they are there to steal, rob, kill,& loot. Those shop owners are forced to defend themselves and their property, against the mob mentality, because the police have now let them down as well. Do you mean to tell me that the property owners of Ferguson, who have worked hard to build what little they have, are racist and bigoted for trying to stop looters and criminals from destroying it all? There has to be a fail-safe against tyranny, as well as against mob rule.
That, my good man, is why the 2nd amendment is so absolutely important. I'm not here to argue correlation between what happened in that movie theater in Colorado several years ago and this incident in Ferguson Missouri, because there is NONE, in any way, shape, or form. Obviously you are trying to bait me into some sort of morality boxing match, in which you are neither properly trained or equipped. Your supposed talking points are unrelated, and barely relevant. The 2nd amendment is literal, it is absolute, and it is most certainly for the defense of the individual. It exists for the defense of black & white equally, and is not race specific.. If anything, the Second Amendment should be of absolute importance to the black community, for the defense of their right to freedom and equality. So to try to turn the 2nd amendment into some sort of tool of racism is nonsense. Remember this, many of the racist Jim Crow laws were designed to disarm the African American population in direct violation of their basic fundamental rights. Any law abiding citizen who has an open concern for their freedom and liberty regardless of creed or color should arm themselves, and search out the training and ability to use these weapons. For the safety of their nation and the safety of their people . I for one will never relinquish my right to keep and bear arms simply to satisfy the whims of politically correct collectivist apologists. I will carry the standard of individual freedom with me, ALL DAMN DAY.  My suggestion to you sir, is to read your history, REAL history, and for the love of God, for once in your life, use a little bit of common sense. I have found that trying new things is a journey of self discovery. " 

I have yet to receive a reply.