Sunday, August 31, 2014

Randolph County Is Most Heavily Armed State in NC, Ranked 9th Nationwide According to Latest Data

It looks like our little county in the geographical center of NC is also the core of firearms ownership in the state, as well as being ranked 9th nationwide in gun ownership is comparison with all the other counties, parishes, and municipalities within the states of the US.
The map above is based on a recent City Data listing of the top 101 counties in the US for gun ownership. Randolph County hit the list at 9th with just over 51% of our county's population  owning firearms, (according to public record). According to the 2010 US Census, our county population is approx. 141,752. That means about 70,800 approx. are armed.
Then consider those who have no record of the ownership listed anywhere in the public record, and that bumps the number up considerably. My guess would be about 15-20% more.
That's a lot of armed men and women in our county.
Surprisingly, not one county in Texas made the list, the first one to even break the surface was Harris, which came in at 73rd, with only 30% of the population with gun ownership.
The best state in show, was Louisiana, with 6 of its parishes on the list. (Louisiana is divided into Parishes, not counties, due to it's origins in the old French system).
#1 nationwide? Well that goes to the borough of Fairbanks in Alaska with over 59% of the population.

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