Thursday, September 25, 2014


Yesterday we linked to the Military Arms Channel article from Phil, a French expatriate living in Texas, who talks about French gun control and gun rights in general. 
Now from Breitbart, an article on British gun control and the effects it had on crime in the UK. 
Take a look at this segment of the article:"In 2009, twelve years after the Firearms Act of 1997 was passed, Daily Mail Online reported that Britain was "the most violent country in Europe." They also reported that Britain's home figures showed "the UK [had] a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and South Africa."


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A French Expatriate Talks About Newfound American Freedom, and Crazy French Gun Laws

MAC from the Military Arms Channel posted a great article from Phil, a former French soldier now living in Texas, enjoying his new found Second Amendment rights as an American Citizen,
Phil also discusses the history of French gun ownership as well as French gun law and gun control.
What does Phil think about gun control efforts?

"Gun laws don’t increase safety, don’t reduce violent crime, don’t reduce homicide per firearms, etc… Gun control is about controlling people. And registration lead with any doubt to confiscation, regardless if it’s done overnight or slowly over several decades like in France. "

Read the entire article at The Bang Switch, the Military Arms Channel Blog page:

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Photo of the Day: AR Pistol Mania

(click on photo to enlarge)

Short, Compact, slick, and just plain fun to shoot. AR pattern pistols are becoming the rage as of late, since the ATF gave the green light to the now famous "Arm Brace", particularly the SIG Arms brand Arm Brace as seen in the photo above.
The ATF states that since it is by definition, NOT a stock, the weapon is still a pistol, and not a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) which requires registry and a $200 Tax Stamp.
This statement has caused an explosion of AR-15 pistol sales, as well as AK style pistols with a similar device. While I love the fact that these weapons are becoming more prevalent, and that it has been given the ATF's so-called "blessing", it goes to prove just how stupid the Bureau's view of Short Barreled Rifles is.
AR Pistol with Arm Brace : Perfectly legal to own, perfectly legal to install arm brace, perfectly legal to shoulder the arm brace as a stock.
Short barreled AR with a stock: Major Felony if not registered and Tax Stamp paid.
Another example of the stupidity of Big Government.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Houston TX Shopkeeper Kills Armed Robber, Now Robber's Family Sending Death Threats

Usman Seth (standing) shoots and kills armed robber who threatened his family with a shotgun

This past Friday night around 10PM, a man armed with a shotgun entered a Houston TX, convenience store demanding money from the register. The store owner's daughter was behind the counter when the  man pointed the weapon at her. Her brother, 20 year old Usman Seth, who also works at the convenience store, acted to remove the threat.
Usman's father handed him a 9mm Smith and Wesson handgun, and he shot the robber in the leg. This did not immediately stop the suspect, who, while hopping around the store, returned fire. Usman then engaged the man again, This time, his shots were successful in not only neutralizing the threat, but also in saving the Texas taxpayers the expense of a trial and the eventual upkeep of another prisoner.
After dropping the thug for good, Seth noticed that the robber was a man who had been in the store earlier that evening, obviously casing the store.(some local news outlets are reporting 2 accomplices who are both being detained and questioned by authorities)
 Clearly a case of self defense, Seth told local reporters that his family, their lives, were in his hands and he had to protect them. 
Guy tries to rob store, store clerk shoots him. Family is safe, and other than the eventual cleanup, its over and done with.
That should be all there is to it right? Well, apparently, the relatives of the armed robber are now threatening Seth and his family.  Saturday, a man claiming to be the robber's brother came in to the store and vowed to take revenge for his killing.
Other reports of death threats being called in to the store have been suggested on social media as well.
We live in a society where no one thinks they are responsible for their own actions. Usman Seth should not and can not be blamed for the death of this man. He made a conscious decision to  take that shotgun into the store and try to rob it. He wasn't willing to work for a living like law abiding citizens. He wanted it fast, and wanted to take it from someone else, exemplifying the arrogant self centered attitude of so many people these days .
And just like the old saying goes, he reaps what he sows.
I can understand a family's grief over losing a loved one, but that's his choice. If they blame the store owners for it and threaten them, then they are no better than  the POS laying on a slab in the County Morgue.
I call it as I see it.
Keep calm and carry loaded.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sage Dynamics Gives Us A Reality Check About Situational Awareness.

We're all guilty of it. In this hustle and bustle society we now live in, we've all been known to "zone out" so to speak, when we're at the mall, or on lunch, waiting in line, wherever. With the rise of smartphones, and the new "second language" known as texting we are constantly checking out and losing track of our surroundings. You've probably seen the video on YouTube of the young lady walking and texting through the mall, only to fall head first into the water fountain. All this is humorous, but in today's world of active shooters, terrorism, riots, what have you, you cannot afford to be that "out of it".
The excellent guys over at Sage Dynamics, have posted a great article about situational awareness, and why we need to put the phones down for a second, and OBSERVE.

Situational Awareness: How Not to be Killed by Vending Machines (and Muggers)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept. 11th: "Greater Love Hath No Man...."

(click image to enlarge)

One image that caught our eye today, is from the National Firearms Museum. Officer Walter Weaver was assigned to the Emergency Services Unit of the NYPD. The last time anyone ever saw him was on the morning of Sept. 11th 2001, on the 6th floor of the World Trade Center's North Tower. Officer Weaver was attempting to free passengers trapped inside of an elevator. He gave his life trying to save them. His remains were never found, but his Smith and Wesson .38 snub nose revolver, which was his backup sidearm, was recovered from the site.
Officer Weaver's family donated the revolver to the National Firearms Museum, where it is displayed with honor and appreciation for his sacrifice. 

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."--- John 15:13 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

GRNC: Durham County Sheriff Maintains Illegal and Unconstitutional Gun Registry

Over in Durham County, Sheriff Micheal Matthews is maintaining the illegal firearms registry, despite the repeal of an unconstitutional law that allowed the Durham County authorities to maintain a handgun registry. The law itself has roots in racist, anti-black, Jim Crow laws.
Originally designed to keep the black citizens of the county from being able to own a firearm.
Grass Roots North Carolina tells us more:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Armed Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder in Person County

(image by Oleg Volk)

Early Sunday morning in the community of Timberlake in Person County, NC, a masked man with a shotgun broke into an occupied home and demanded money.
The homeowner fired his handgun which he kept beside his bed, striking the shotgun, the resulting ricochet struck the intruder,  25 year old Jonathan Ziminack , in the stomach.
Ziminack was transported to the hospital where he subsequently died on the way to emergency surgery.
Person County Sheriff Dewey Jones stated that Ziminack's girlfriend, Alicia Bowling was stopped by patrol deputies and charged with conspiracy to commit first degree burglary .
She is being held in the Person County Jail under a $75,000 bond.
(20 year old Alicia Bowling, is being held in the Person County Jail.
Her boyfriend is being stored at the Morgue.)

They are considering charging her with an additional 2 charges, first degree burglary and attempted armed robbery.
The name of the homeowner has not been released and as of the posting of this article, no charges are expected to be filed against the homeowner.
Yet another example of why being armed and vigilant is so important.
I have always been taught to never go out looking for trouble. But sometimes trouble comes looking for you. In those cases, it would be a good idea to be prepared for such occasions.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Image of the Day: "Behind Every Blade Of Grass"

(click image to enlarge)
There is a quote often attributed to Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese Navy during World War II.
It is said that the Admiral told his constituents that an invasion of the United States mainland would be a massacre for them because there is a gun behind every blade of grass in America. ( some question the validity of the quote but it makes an excellent point regardless)
While I cannot speak for every blade of grass, I would dare say that the quote is probably accurate when it comes to Randolph County. Considering we were ranked 9th in the nation for gun ownership on a countywide basis.
(image is courtesy of one of Union staff member "Black Dog".
 Rifle is a Mossberg MVP chambered in .223 Remington)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Keep Calm & Carry Loaded: Hardee's In Burlington Robbed, Customers Held At Gunpoint

Yet another reason to carry your weapon, and be trained and ready to use it.
This morning (Saturday Sept.6) at around 7AM, 2 men entered the Hardee's at 2756 Alamance Road in Burlington NC, demanding money at gunpoint.
Along with robbing the restaurant, they also robbed several customers who were in the dining area.
No one was injured according to police reports.
According to Burlington Police, both suspects are black males with dark complexions, approximately 20-30 years of age. They fled in a burgundy Dodge Durango, on Alamance Road headed north.
Their faces were covered in bandannas, which will make identifying them more difficult.
The criminal elements of our communities are growing bolder with every passing day.
Imagine if these thugs were a bit more sadistic, what they might have done to the patrons.
Imagine if one of the patrons were armed, and trained properly...these 2 pieces of trash would be nothing but a footnote in some coroners report.
We will keep you posted if there are any more developments.
Remember, keep your head on a swivel. If they look suspicious, there's probably a reason for it.