Monday, September 15, 2014

Houston TX Shopkeeper Kills Armed Robber, Now Robber's Family Sending Death Threats

Usman Seth (standing) shoots and kills armed robber who threatened his family with a shotgun

This past Friday night around 10PM, a man armed with a shotgun entered a Houston TX, convenience store demanding money from the register. The store owner's daughter was behind the counter when the  man pointed the weapon at her. Her brother, 20 year old Usman Seth, who also works at the convenience store, acted to remove the threat.
Usman's father handed him a 9mm Smith and Wesson handgun, and he shot the robber in the leg. This did not immediately stop the suspect, who, while hopping around the store, returned fire. Usman then engaged the man again, This time, his shots were successful in not only neutralizing the threat, but also in saving the Texas taxpayers the expense of a trial and the eventual upkeep of another prisoner.
After dropping the thug for good, Seth noticed that the robber was a man who had been in the store earlier that evening, obviously casing the store.(some local news outlets are reporting 2 accomplices who are both being detained and questioned by authorities)
 Clearly a case of self defense, Seth told local reporters that his family, their lives, were in his hands and he had to protect them. 
Guy tries to rob store, store clerk shoots him. Family is safe, and other than the eventual cleanup, its over and done with.
That should be all there is to it right? Well, apparently, the relatives of the armed robber are now threatening Seth and his family.  Saturday, a man claiming to be the robber's brother came in to the store and vowed to take revenge for his killing.
Other reports of death threats being called in to the store have been suggested on social media as well.
We live in a society where no one thinks they are responsible for their own actions. Usman Seth should not and can not be blamed for the death of this man. He made a conscious decision to  take that shotgun into the store and try to rob it. He wasn't willing to work for a living like law abiding citizens. He wanted it fast, and wanted to take it from someone else, exemplifying the arrogant self centered attitude of so many people these days .
And just like the old saying goes, he reaps what he sows.
I can understand a family's grief over losing a loved one, but that's his choice. If they blame the store owners for it and threaten them, then they are no better than  the POS laying on a slab in the County Morgue.
I call it as I see it.
Keep calm and carry loaded.

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