Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sage Dynamics Gives Us A Reality Check About Situational Awareness.

We're all guilty of it. In this hustle and bustle society we now live in, we've all been known to "zone out" so to speak, when we're at the mall, or on lunch, waiting in line, wherever. With the rise of smartphones, and the new "second language" known as texting we are constantly checking out and losing track of our surroundings. You've probably seen the video on YouTube of the young lady walking and texting through the mall, only to fall head first into the water fountain. All this is humorous, but in today's world of active shooters, terrorism, riots, what have you, you cannot afford to be that "out of it".
The excellent guys over at Sage Dynamics, have posted a great article about situational awareness, and why we need to put the phones down for a second, and OBSERVE.

Situational Awareness: How Not to be Killed by Vending Machines (and Muggers)

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