Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GRNC Threatens Lawsuit Over State Fair Gun Ban

Grass Roots North Carolina, the Old North State's leading firearms advocacy group, is threatening a lawsuit over the current "No Guns" policy at the NC state fairgrounds. With the new expansive gun rights package now in effect in North Carolina, many pro gun rights groups are stating that the restrictive policies in place at the Fairgrounds should change in respect to the new laws.
But  NC Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler told Guns.Com this:
"Our policy at the State Fair has always been not to allow weapons at the fair. It is our intention to continue that policy until we are instructed by a judge or the legislature to do otherwise. In my mind, as a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, as a gun owner, and a grandfather, I believe the mix of kids, guns, rides, and large crowds is a bad idea."

Troxler went on to say that he believes there is enough gray area in the new laws to allow him to continue to prohibit the possession of firearms on the state fairground property without being in violation of the new laws, according to him, "erring on the side of public safety."

GNRC's president Paul Valone said that Commissioner Troxler is choosing to violate the rights of lawfully-permitted concealed carry handgun owners not just inside the fair but in the parking lot as well, within their own personal vehicles. Valone said that his group will be seeking an injunction against Troxler and the Fairground's policies.
Valone said,
"As we have seen time and again, gun free zones are dangerous places for law abiding citizens. No family should be rendered entirely helpless should an event occur such as what happened at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2011." 
The incident Valone is referring to was when a group of teenagers and young adults began randomly attacking patrons, resulting in 11 injuries and 31 arrests.  
He went on to say that criminals use the disadvantage of being disarmed against law abiding citizens.
It makes for easier prey.
There is certain to be much more discussion on this subject in the coming days, with the Fair set to kick off on October 16.
The last four years of the fair, attendance has been approximately 1 million people during the week-long event..
We will keep you informed on any developments.

For more information, click the link for GRNC's press release:

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