Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Ferguson Looters, & the Armed Citizens Who Stand In Their Way

Back in August, we told you about store owners and law abiding citizens in the riot-ravaged town of Ferguson, Missouri and how they had taken up arms to protect their property and themselves.
With this past week's flare up due to the grand jury decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Micheal Brown, the looters and the rioters were back in full force, stealing anything and everything that wasn't nailed down and setting fire to a number of businesses.
This time around, more citizens took up arms to defend hearth and home than before, even some coming from out of area to lend a hand.

According to reports, the OathKeepers, an organization of military, law enforcement, and first responders who swear to uphold their oath to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights arrived in Ferguson with an undisclosed number of volunteers, focusing on an area of South Florissant Drive which lies about 2 blocks north of the Ferguson Police Station.

                                          Oath Keeper standing watch on a Ferguson Rooftop 
They boarded up storefronts and secured buildings, and set up arm security rotations to protect the businesses and facilities, while also having fire extinguishers and water close by in case of arsonists.
The responding OathKeepers have been criticized in the media as extremists who had set upon the town to incite racist backlash, but the store owners and the citizens were more than happy to have them standing watch.

Also of note, was the group of 4 black Ferguson residents who armed themselves and went to the aid of a white store owner, and successfully kept looters from ransacking the store.
the young black men standing guard in front of a white owned business. Friendship and brotherhood knows no skin color. The 4 men stood watch over Doug Morello's Conoco station as agitators milled about the property.
They young men, who stated that Mr. Morello had helped them out throughout the years and considered him a friend of the community, were armed with handguns and an AR-15.
They had a bit of a close call when some Missouri National Guard soldiers mistook them for looters and nearly engaged them. Thankfully Mr. Morello diffused the situation and convinced the Guardsmen that they were stand-up young men, and they continued their watch over the property.
2 very different unorganized militias working to defend the citizens and property of the good folks of Ferguson. Shining the light of freedom in a dark place.
Going beyond skin color or privilege, it guarantees freedom to all people.
That's what the 2nd Amendment is all about.